#9 Race Report: Reykjavik half marathon, August 24, 2013 8:40am start

Reykjavik Half Marathon
August 24, 2013 8:40 am start

outfitWhen I registered for this event in Iceland, I planned to do the full marathon. Summer training runs were just not going very well, and I decided (for the sake of my sanity) to enjoy the vacation and switch to the half instead! The expo was well organized & packet pickup went smoothly. The shirts were on the small side, but we were informed that we could trade sizes the morning of the race. I was interested to see the gear on offer for sale, but I didn’t see much that was very different from in the US. I did score a chocolate milk and some sort of yogurt protein drink that came in handy for breakfasts later in the trip.

reykjavik_racedayMorning of the race was cool, damp, and windy. I headed to the race in my raincoat, unsure if I wanted to keep it on for the run or not. At the very last minute, I decided my arm warmers (skirt sports) and tank top (inkNburn) would be enough, and I didn’t want to deal with the raincoat. As it turned out, I was warm enough the whole time, so that worked out fine for me. reykjavik_sculptureThe spectator support was great, particularly for the first 8 miles or so – lots of cheering, horns and drum banging. Aid stations were well organized and seemed well stocked. Near mile 10, there were supposed to be bananas offered, but I only saw peels on the ground (although there were still Mars candy bites available). The finish corral was not too crowded, with cups of water and sports drink available. I could see an area behind some fencing that had bananas, and couldn’t find a way to get over there. Later I realized that area must have been reserved for the full marathon finishers – I guess I didn’t get a banana for just a half. On my way out of the corral, we were offered some packets of chocolate covered raisins as well.


Overall, a very nice race – Iceland was really fun to visit. Everyone was very polite and the scenery was amazing!

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